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J. Spot Comedy Club

Tuesday July 31st, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

Da'Shaun Marshall is about to touch the mic at one of the most popular Comedy Clubs in Los Angeles..and with an arsenal of new material about today's crazy times...you never know what he's going to say next! Having a stifling day and need to unwind? Do something different and let some laughs and good food help you get a leg up on the work week ahead!




Legendary Comedian J. Anthony Brown (Def Comedy Jam, The Steve Harvey Radio Show) has opened his own Comedy Club in the heart of Los Angeles that brings popular and famous Comedy acts right to you in an intimate setting! The Venue has seen the likes of many of our most known and loved celebrities in the building! Boasting good cuisine such as southern fried chicken and tasty drinks, get your laugh on while you get your grub on!

For show time and other information call:  (310) 337-9057

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The Love Connection

Saturday AUGUST 11th, 2018 Las Vegas, NV

You've seen Comedian Da'Shaun Marshall perform on stages across the city...bringing his charisma and utter randomness to the scene in the most unpredictable ways! 


Get ready to have an experience like no other as he puts on his  first major Event and not only will you be entertained but it's 

guaranteed to leave you wanting more! 

The Love Connection is a blend of music and comedy that will sweep you off your feet then send you into bouts of laughter as you reminisce on all of the funny aspects of love, dating and relationships!

Get your tickets NOW to reserve a spot as seating is limited!

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