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Da'Shaun Marshall


Who is Da’Shaun Marshall?


Hailing from the cultured Chicago, Illinois, Da’Shaun Marshall showed signs of interest in being an Entertainer at the tender age of 3 years old; imitating dancers such as Michael Jackson and MC Hammer and putting on performances for his family and their friends. By the time he was 7, he began to take his craft more seriously and started learning to develop showmanship and stage presence. While pursuing his dreams, the young Marshall struggled with a learning disability and was initially labeled as a Special Needs Child in school. Being a single working Mother, Marshall's​ mom took the time and effort to tutor him during the night and taught him to excel to a point of academic excellence. During his time in grammar school and high school, Mr. Marshall competed in several talent shows and started to make a name for himself as an Entertainer amongst his peers. He used his challenges and turned them into triumphs by entering into the JROTC High School Program where he learned discipline, leadership, respect, courage and honor. 


When he became a man, he used the inspiration he had gotten from listening to Singers and Comedians such as James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Dave Chappelle, Bernie Mac, and Kevin Hart to develop his own presence in the Industry. By 2005, Marshall made it to the Semi Finals of "Americas Got Talent" by singing some of his favorite songs to wow the judges. Sure enough, Mr. Marshall succeeded and was later on granted to the next level of AGT. In 2007, Marshall competed for the TV show "The Voice", making it to the 2nd round of the Competition. Shortly after in 2008, Marshall made an appearance on the hit show the "X-Factor" where he made it all the way to the Finals. There, he was granted international TV exposure and was broadcast live to viewers all around the world. 


In 2010, Mr. Marshall began his Comedy debut by performing at churches, bars, and local clubs. Many individuals naturally found Mr. Marshall’s appearance hilarious because of his

resemblance to "Steve Urkle" from the hit TV show Family Matters. Nevertheless, people grew found of Marshall and he embraced making others laugh as one of the many unique gifts that he had been blessed with, finally realizing that he had found his calling as an Actor and Comedian.

From that point on, his hunger for success only became greater. He exclusively became known as a young man on a mission because he refused to be a failure. 


In time, his career grew rapidly and he was featured as an Actor in both stage plays and popular movies such as TheDark Knight, Step Up 1 & 2, You Got Served, Jason Bourne, All Eyez on Me, Tango Royale, In Flight the Musical, and Get Up Joeto name a few. Just recently, he wrapped the taping of his first Comedy special in Las Vegas where he was the Headliner. The show “Vegas Comedy Underground”will be available worldwide on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu this coming August 2018. 


Da’Shaun Marshall, multi-talented, dedicated and humble; is definitely on his way to becoming a powerhouse in the Entertainment Industry as he knocks down doors and stereotypes from stage to stage…and this is only the beginning as he continues to expand his reach. 

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